Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Home Stretch

I’m 36 weeks pregnant today. Four weeks might be a little long to call the home stretch but I don’t have it in me to look at it any other way. I’ve been really horrible about recording anything, including weekly belly pictures, during this pregnancy. While part of me feels bad about that, another part of me wants to look back and just remember the little things that I enjoyed.
Pregnancy has been relatively easy for me (knock on wood…there’s still 4 weeks to go…). Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy in and of itself is not easy. However, given the fact that a new human life is growing over the course of 40 weeks, the aches and pains and general inconvenience of being pregnant seems expected. I suffered from the obligatory dry heaving and spontaneous nausea that “morning” sickness brings and the random mid-day migraines that began after that. I had random cravings, weird and scary aches and pains and so on but all of that will be for another post for my not-yet-pregnant friends ;-). 
Now that we’re in the last few weeks, things have become difficult. Everyone kept saying that the last few weeks are the worst and I am in the middle of confirming that theory. While I absolutely LOVE feeling our baby girl move around, I am pretty much over everything else. I’m just ready to feel like myself again and to meet our littlest chicken.
I was getting ready for bed tonight and caught a glimpse of my belly in the bathroom mirror and had a moment of “holy s*&t, when did this happen?!” I feel like 5 seconds ago it was just me and Phil and the puppies living in our downtown condo, enjoying city living, talking about what’s next for us, planning a cross-country vacation and just generally enjoying being married, young and free. And then all of a sudden, everything changes. We are moving out of our city condo into a townhome in the suburbs, registering for baby stuff, decorating a nursery, choosing childcare and pediatricians, and talking family budgets and schedules.
It’s amazing how things have a way of working out in their own time. While just a few months ago we were seeking adventures as a young married couple, we are about to embark on the greatest adventure ever and there are no words that can describe the excitement, and trepidation, that comes with that. I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is one of the most important things we will ever do. We are getting ready to welcome a brand new life into this world and there is nothing bigger than that. It’s huge. I expect that the next few weeks will bring with them many moments like tonight. The excitement, the doubt, the wonder, the fear and the love. It’s all just so cool and I can’t wait for what’s next!

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